Women’s Support Group Starting in February

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The Bergen Counseling Center is proud to announce the launch of a new women’s support group at our Ravenswood location! Dr. Carolyn Versical will be leading the weekly process group starting Saturday, February 11th from 10:30am – 12:00pm. Women often experience unique biological, environmental, and psychosocial challenges, and these concerns can have a significant impact on mental health and well-being. These meetings will create a space that allows you and other women to come together in our journey through life.

In exploring the various topics particular to women, the group will help women understand they must nurture the self as well as others, and accept support and nurturance from other women. Additionally, this women’s group will allow you to explore how to deepen connections and satisfying relationships in your life. Specific group topics will be uniquely tailored to specific members in attendance. It is a space for women to express all emotions without judgement in a safe, supportive environment with validation from others who may have experienced similar feelings.

The group will meet for a total of 8 weeks, and will address a variety of topics and issues relevant to women’s lives and relationships. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure a safe and consistent environment, membership will be closed after the initial meeting. Insurance compensation may be available depending on specific insurance plan and coverage options. If you are interested in attending or finding out more information, please contact Dr. Carolyn Versical via email or phone to schedule an free initial consultation.

Dr. Carolyn Versical:

Email: drversical@bergencounselingcenter.com

Click to Call: 773-426-5002

Address: 1945 W. Wilson, Suite 6113 Chicago, IL 60640

If you feel inspired to share this opportunity with others, click the link below for a downloadable pdf of the flyer at the top of the post.

Downloadable Bergen Counseling Center Women’s Group Flyer

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