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The Bergen Counseling Center unequivocally believes in equality and the universal value of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, age, or social status. Both the systemic inequity and direct violence black, brown, and people of color have faced historically and still confront today is unacceptable and must change. We believe Black lives matter and stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests in Chicago and around the world.

We believe that every person is born with inherent worth and deserves to live life free from fear and oppression. We are committed to serving the mental health needs of all Chicagoans, and we  join the Black community as an ally to fight for equality. We also understand that many individuals within the justice system do not condone the racist, violent actions of some individuals, at the same time, we believe that it is no longer acceptable to stand in silence as Black men, women, and children are continually subjected to mistreatment and abuse by others within the law enforcement community. We all must confront the ugly truth of the systemic racism that provides protection for racism, discrimination, and at times, encourages the abuse and mistreatment of Black and other minority ethnic groups.

The wounds of racism are deep and its systemic impact on the American justice system is evident. We will continue our commitment of speaking out against racism in all forms until all people are granted the same protections under the law. Discrimination in any form is antithetical to the values of our practice, and we are proud to add our voice to the millions calling for justice, reform, and equality.

black lives matter chicago

We Stand with Black Lives Matter – Taken 5/30/2020


In Solidarity,

Jeremy Bergen, MS, LCPC

Rebecca Bergen, Ph.D


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