Family Counseling

In Downtown Chicago And On The North Side

Family therapy is offered at our north side location in Ravenswood. Family relationships are so important in our lives, yet can also be our most complicated relationships. If your family is experiencing conflict, this can lead to emotional distress in all the family members. In order to alleviate the distress, family therapy that assists in changing the family dynamics is key. By providing a compassionate, nonjudgmental environment, communication patterns are improved, healthy boundaries are established, and the family members are able to strengthen feelings of closeness and connection.

We also work with children and adolescents in individual therapy, and involving the family is therapy is typically an important part of creating lasting change in the young person. In working with the individual child or adolescent she provides a space for the young person to express him or herself and helps to build their self-awareness and relieve emotional distress. Behavioral goals are oftentimes another important part of child and adolescent treatment. Parents and their children will work together in developing and implementing behavior change strategies. Counseling sessions with the parents only may also be part of the treatment plan to help with the implementation of parenting strategies. Complete the contact request form to find out how we can help your family.

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