We all have a personal story around sex. We all have a sexual narrative. It may not have ever been discussed or disclosed to you that you could have one, but you do. Our job at Evoke is to help you discover and enrich your life with your sexual narrative. Whether you have adverse sexual experiences or you are in the process of exploring your identity and sexual expression or you just plain don’t know how to talk about it; every single one of us is on a journey to discover ourselves as sexual beings. Whole and Healthy. Weird and Proud. Comfortable and Consensual. Got questions? Let Evoke help you figure it out.

Individual Counseling

We want to create a safe space at Evoke to talk about sex if there are concerns for yourself or your relationships, but also CAN we create a space to talk about sex as a way to liberate and explore this part of you without judgment? We hope so and at Evoke we are trying to do just that.

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Couples Counseling

What does it mean to have healthy, joyful conversations about sex that can also include the hard stuff; the stuff that happened in the past, the awkward conversations or touches, the feeling of disconnect when you so badly want to connect. Evoke is here to help you with those conversations.

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