Bergen Counseling Center, Downtown Chicago

We offer daytime and evening appointments for individuals and couples in the downtown location.


Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9AM–8PM
Tuesday: 9AM–8PM
Wednesday: 9AM–9PM
Thursday: 9AM–8PM
Friday: 9AM–8PM
Saturday: 8AM–4PM

The Bergen Counseling Center is conveniently located 2 block from Lake “El” station servicing the Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines. Red and Blue Line transportation can be accessed from State and Lake cross streets. Garage parking 1 block north at 20 E. Randolph.

I have been going to Jeremy for a few months now and have had a great experience so far. While my comparison pool is pretty small (a few other therapists), I would rank him as top of the list – engaged, sympathetic to my concerns, and willing to push me on things that I need some pushing on. Also, unlike with some people I’ve worked with before, I haven’t experienced any scheduling or billing issues with Jeremy, which is huge. If you are looking for a therapist in the loop, I’d highly recommend you give him a try.

I went to see Jeremy from many years, first to deal with some stress-related symptoms, then as a couple to prepare for a baby. I wish I started to see him years earlier to save myself a lot of stress and heartache. He is great to talk to, recommends really great things to read to help you along in your journey, pushes you when you need to be pushed and asks the right questions to help you gain insights into your own behaviors. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone considering therapy to help themselves (or their relationships) along in any issues.

Elaine C., From Yelp

It feels a little weird to review a therapy experience, but I felt that I had to share in case there is anyone out there thinking about going into therapy but hasn’t made the call. I won’t into details of why I was there, but Jeremy was very helpful. I felt that he listened to me, understood what was going on, and I really felt like he really cared. He gave me different ways to look at things when I felt stuck, and helped me understand my thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. He was kind, easy to talk to and intelligent with his insight. I just finished seeing Jeremy, and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I know it is just my experience, but if you are thinking about getting into therapy or you have had a bad experience with another therapist, try again. There are some really great therapists out there, and Jeremy is one of them!

Heather R., From Yelp