Couples Counseling

In Downtown Chicago And On The North Side

Couples therapy differs from individual therapy in the sense that the relationship is the actual “client.” Work is done to improve communication patterns by helping each partner learn to listen and attentively respond to their partner. At Bergen Counseling Center, we will help open up lines of communication that have been closed by past wounds or emotional distance in the relationship. If arguments are frequent or explosive, we will work to decrease the intensity of conflict to promote healthy communication. Work may also focus on increasing emotional and physical warmth in the relationship.

Couples therapy is also useful as a preventative measure to increase the loving bond between partners and to resolve minor issues before they become more problematic. We offer pre-marital counseling for couples looking to start their marriage on the right track.

We are committed to helping all couples regardless of their sexuality. If you think couples counseling is the right choice for your relationship, please call or email us to set up an appointment or free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more about the couples counseling process.

Common reasons for couples counseling:

  • Communication issues
  • Emotional distance
  • Trust issues
  • Explosive arguments
  • Negative impact of children on relationship
  • Work/relationship balance
  • Boundary issues
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting issues

This is far from an exhaustive list of the reasons that couples seek therapy. Remember, no reason is too insignificant or insurmountable to seek help.

Note: 15 minute consultations are only for learning about the therapy process. They cannot be used for emergencies or to diagnose and/or treat any psychological conditions.

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