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5 Tips for Pregnancy Self-Care

  Pregnancy is often a joyous time for many women, however it is also a time of many complex shifts that, when combined with hormonal fluctuations and fatigue may contribute to additional stress. From the many physical changes your body will undergo, to the emotional and relational changes of identity transformation, to the personal, professional, […]

Is Yoga for Me? An Introduction to Yoga and Wellness

  Tips for Incorporating Yoga into Your Wellness Routine The time around the New Year presents a great opportunity to try something new. Whether you currently have a wellness routine or not, yoga is an accessible activity with both physical and mental benefits. It’s no secret that yoga continues to enjoy a bit of a […]

How to Have Difficult Conversations with People You Love

  Tips for Approaching Difficult Conversations with People You Love With the holidays around the corner, many people are experiencing a combination of excitement and nostalgia for the festive season along with the sting of unresolved or unexpressed challenges with people we love. For some, this can lead to a sense of anxiety or dysphoria […]