5 for Friday: Improving Work / Life Balance

Included in this week’s 5 for Friday post are links to help improve your work / life balance.

  1. Look at your to-do list. Everything on it isn’t a priority. Try this technique http://bit.ly/NckSQ
  2. Work/Life balance includes setting better boundaries and leaving the office at night. http://lifehac.kr/GByjBB
  3. In an always connected world, it is harder than ever to have work boundaries. Try these tips. http://bit.ly/duHZLr
  4. Reinvest in self-care.Self-care is anything that you find fulfillment in and enjoy doing. Exercise or a new hobby is a great place to start.
  5. We tend to withdrawal when we feel stressed from work. Try to reach out to people who support you. http://bit.ly/GM1YeD


Check back for next week’s 5 for Friday post on improving self-esteem!

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