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The Bergen Counseling Center is Moving

Greetings, The Bergen Counseling Center is moving locations from 208 S. LaSalle to 25 E. Washington, Suite: 1206 as of 1/1/2014. The office move was made to increase convenience to our clients and provide increased hours for appointment times. We are excited to make this move to better serve our clients in the Loop. 25 […]

The Work of Love

Relationship issues are one of the primary reasons people seek out counseling. Romantic relationships are at the top of the list. Your relationship with a romantic partner can be one of the most satisfying relationships you have in life, but this relationship is likely the most complex. The reality of romantic love relationships is they […]

When to Unplug: Restoring Work-Life Balance

Does it feel like you never actually leave work? Do you find yourself checking work emails when you should be relaxing? Do you have difficulty falling asleep because you are thinking about your “to-do” list for work? We live and work in an increasingly interconnected world that can make it hard to define where our […]

How to Improve Communication in Relationships

Tips, Tricks, and Rules to Improve Relationship Communication Listen generously. Reflect back what the person said accurately. Hear the person’s feeling. Tune in to what the other person wants and feel what’s underneath it. Listen with your third ear. Speak unarguably. That means speaking in statements of fact that can’t be argued. For example, you may […]

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