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How to Have Difficult Conversations with People You Love

  Tips for Approaching Difficult Conversations with People You Love With the holidays around the corner, many people are experiencing a combination of excitement and nostalgia for the festive season along with the sting of unresolved or unexpressed challenges with people we love. For some, this can lead to a sense of anxiety or dysphoria […]

Working at home

When Working From Home Stops Working For You

Working from Home Imagine—it’s Monday morning, and you wake up to the harsh sound of your alarm clock before reluctantly rolling out of bed.  You make breakfast, grab some coffee, and then commute to work, which, in this case, happens to mean walking to your computer 10 feet away.  The benefits of working from home […]

mindfulness workshop chicago

Free Mindfulness Workshop

The Bergen Counseling Center is excited to announce a free 1 hour mindfulness workshop at our Ravenswood Chicago location. The mindfulness workshop will take place on Saturday, November 4th from 10am-11am at our Ravenswood office location and is open to both current clients and the general public. The workshop will be led by Bergen Counseling Center […]

gratitude image

Learn to Practice Gratitude and Become a Happier Person

  “I just wish I could be happier.”  Many clients who come in for therapy describe their life as one that is lacking—lost relationships, missed opportunities, or even just not enough time.  Other clients may be able to point to many happy moments, but still find themselves feeling disconsolate for reasons they cannot understand.  The […]

relationship issues after baby

How to Overcome Relationship Problems After Having a Baby

  The most commonly quoted statistics on marital satisfaction put it bluntly: marital satisfaction decreases after the first child is born.  The birth of your first child is major milestone in many relationships, and the built-up anticipation of the moment can make it all the more exciting when the baby is finally born.  And indeed, […]

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