We’ve Added a New Location!

1945wilson[1]We are happy to announce that the Bergen Counseling Center has added a second location on the north side of Chicago in the Ravenswood neighborhood. The new office is located at:

1945 W. Wilson, Suite: 2117
Chicago, IL 60640

Dr. Rebecca Bergen, Ph.D. is joining Bergen Counseling Center and will be the primary clinician at this office. She is currently accepting clients on M/Tu/W/Th/Sa. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bergen, call (773)512-4656, email at drbergen@bergencounselingcenter.com, or fill out the contact request form on our website.

Our Ravenswood office is conveniently located one block from the Damen Brown Line stop and offers lot parking for $2.00/hr. Ample street parking is also available.

Embracing Vulnerability and Accepting the Unknown

Dr. Brene Brown gave an amazing TEDtalk about the power of embracing one’s vulnerability to increase self-acceptance and increase human connection. This can be especially relevant when dealing with depression and shame. Dr. Brown also highlights how accepting the unknown in life can alleviate anxiety and increase interpersonal connection.

Dr. Brown’s research provides meaningful insight into the idea of accepting that we are imperfect, hard-wired for struggling and suffering, but ultimately deserving of love and connection. Check out her TEDtalk below.

5 for Friday: Managing Anxiety

5 for Friday posts summarize links posted throughout the week themed on one mental health topic. This week’s topic was on better managing anxiety. Here are the links for the week!

  1. The first and often overlooked step in controlling stress is deep breathing. Don’t forget to breathe! http://bit.ly/zW2big
  2. Before you can manage your anxiety, you have to identify the sources of stress in your life. http://bit.ly/F29wn
  3. Positive self-talk is one of the most effective ways to combat anxiety.http://bit.ly/aCi4c5
  4. Most anxiety is caused by distorted ways of thinking. Changing your thinking can reduce your anxiety. http://bit.ly/aJJgO
  5. My favorite self-help book on anxiety. http://amzn.to/xk5mo6

Check back next week for the 5 for Friday post on improving work/life balance.

5 for Friday: Improving Work / Life Balance

Included in this week’s 5 for Friday post are links to help improve your work / life balance.

  1. Look at your to-do list. Everything on it isn’t a priority. Try this technique http://bit.ly/NckSQ
  2. Work/Life balance includes setting better boundaries and leaving the office at night. http://lifehac.kr/GByjBB
  3. In an always connected world, it is harder than ever to have work boundaries. Try these tips. http://bit.ly/duHZLr
  4. Reinvest in self-care.Self-care is anything that you find fulfillment in and enjoy doing. Exercise or a new hobby is a great place to start.
  5. We tend to withdrawal when we feel stressed from work. Try to reach out to people who support you. http://bit.ly/GM1YeD


Check back for next week’s 5 for Friday post on improving self-esteem!

5 for Friday: Improving Self-Esteem

This week’s links focus on ways to improve your self-esteem.

  1. Improve self-talk by developing awareness of self-messages and practicing affirmations. http://bit.ly/15kYpt
  2. Focus on making personal affirmations believable. Try developing 3 positive statements to say every day. http://bit.ly/iCBlvA
  3. You can use your own thoughts and beliefs to change your self-perception. Here are 4 simple steps. http://bit.ly/BpTHU
  4. Practicing self-care can improve your self-esteem. Take care of yourself. You are worth it! http://bit.ly/wK5c4F
  5. This is a wonderful book on improving self-esteem. http://amzn.to/H1KwmP


Check back next Friday for helpful links on improving communication in relationships!